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We will connect your international calls via our TEL3 platform so you’ll only pay pennies per minute on each call.


Use from any phone

Use from any Phone and No switching carriers, No Internet required!
We allow you to receive these savings from any phone: Home, Office, even your Cell Phone, all for the same low rates, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Share your same account with your friends, family members by creating sub-accounts and keep all your International long distance spending under one prepaid account.

Prepaid and Rechargeable!
You control all your Savings with TEL3.

You will never run out of minutes with auto-recharge option. You can set up your account to be recharged automatically when your balance reaches $3 or you can do it manually, it is up to you.

We have many ways to recharge and add minutes to your account:

Set your account to auto recharge ’ON’ and enjoy the convenience
Login and recharge online
Visit tel3.com on your cell phone and recharge
Recharge whenever you want, right over the phone
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Works from many countries
Now you can use the TEL3 service from more than 20 countries including the U.S. and Canada. All you have to do is either dial one of our access numbers or use Apps (only in US & Canada) to make your calls. We provide both toll-free and local access numbers.

View the complete list of our TEL3 Network countries.

Sub accounts
If you have multiple users in your household or workplace you can create several sub-accounts all under the same plan. This way each individual has the ability to monitor their own account with an individualized PIN from one central account. You even have the option of using different credit cards for different sub accounts, if you wish to separate the charges of each individual account.

Faster calling features

Instant Access Numbers (IAN)
Making calls via TEL3 is very simple. Register your phone numbers that you will make the call from and start making calls immediately by dialing one of the access numbers; no need to dial any account number or PINs.

You can register up to 10 Instant Access Numbers via the web our through our customer service.

Speed Dial (favorites list)
Create your own favorites contact list for your friends via TEL3 and add them to your Speed Dial list on your online account with TEL3. Now, you can also sync your speed dial list with your iPhone via Dialer iPhone app. See Apps section below.

Watch our videos to see how it works.

You can add up to 99 phone numbers that you will call to into your list. This way whenever you place a call to the people you call the most, you simply enter the speed dial number and you’re connected.