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Tel3 Dialer iPhone Screen

Calling app
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The TEL3Dialer App allows TEL3 users to place international calls directly from their iPhone.

  • Direct Calling
  • Dial From Address Book
  • Syncs With Speed Dial Numbers
  • No Add-on Fees
  • Download and start with some FREE calls
    (no credit card required)

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TEL3 Dialer Reviews

Brian Zim

Luv this app! works as (de)scribed. Rates are low & like that it gives your dollar & minutes balance on outgoing calls. Also enabling speed-dials online on your account makes Speed Dial in the app even easier to make your important calls when on the run or sans glasses.

TEL3 Dialer Reviews


They constantly improve it. Thanks for making automated sequences shorter. App works flawlessly. This should be a 5 stars all the way. Ignore the old reviews.

TEL3 Dialer Reviews


I've been using Tel3 for 2 years and I love it! The call quality is great (most of the time), the calls always go through and the money in my account doesnt magically disappear like it does with most international calling cards.