Rewards Program

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Earn Points and Free Minutes

There are many ways to earn reward points; like simply using the TEL3 service or by referring your friends and family!


TEL3 rewards its users with points who talk for more than $10 a month and/or who refers their friends to sign up with TEL3. You can redeem your points with free minutes.

What Will I Get?

Get bonus FREE minutes

How do I Earn Points?

There are three simple ways to earn points:

  1. Usage points - How we calculate points.
  2. Refer a Friend points - Help your friends save by referring them to TEL3 (via E-mail or Social Network sharing) and earn $10 per sign up.
  3. Promotional points via SMSavings Club

How does Refer a Friend work?

Get points on each referral that signs up! Just one referral gives you $10 of free talk time and your friends will also get $5 of extra minutes plus the savings and convenience of TEL3. Learn more

How do I Get Started?

You already have. Your current month’s usage will be applied at the end of the month. Also, start sharing with your friends and see your points skyrocket