About Us


TEL3 has been providing reliable and affordable international long distance prepaid solutions since 2004. Our dedicated and creative staff develops and maintains state-of-the-art systems, hardware, and apps ensuring customers have quality phone call connections to over 250 countries, including the U.S. TEL3 makes calling a breeze with its prepaid accounts which can be automatically recharged once a low balance is reached. This eliminates the hassle of keeping track of balances while still allowing customers to place their long distance calls without any interruptions.

TEL3 not only offers very inexpensive calls (pennies per minute) while providing excellent customer service but it also offers the best rewards program in the industry. Plus, TEL3 regularly runs special promotions for even greater savings. Customers have access to their own secured online account manager which keeps track of all destinations called, the duration of the calls and the total cost associated with each so all costs can be monitored and controlled. Anyone can easily access, join, and begin saving on all long distance calls by simply visiting our homepage at TEL3.com.