TEL3 Agent Program
Unlimited residual income!

What is the TEL3 Agent Program?

The TEL3 Agent Program was founded in response to the growing popularity of the TEL3 plans which people wanted to be able to market, both online and offline.

So with the help of former agents, we created the TEL3 agent program allowing individuals to market the TEL3 Plans.

The following are some of the strategic issues that we took into consideration while creating the TEL3 Agent Program:

Protecting our Agents
Here at TEL3, we make sure no customer sign up goes through without the promo code from either the web or through the customer service. Once you signup as an Agent you will receive your Agent Promo Code in an email so you can start earning commissions immediately.
Easy Sell
To make it easy to sell, we had to ensure that our product was the most competitive in the industry. The TEL3 Plans are not only the best plans that TEL3 offers, but is far and away the most competitive and convenient solution to make long distance calls in the market today.
Multi-Level Agent Program
The TEL3 Agent Program is a 2-Level Agent Program. So you can recruit agents as well and get rewarded for their sales and the sales of their down-line agents.

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