TEL3 Agent Program
Unlimited residual income!

Financial Model

No cost for joining agent program or for the design of the micro websites
Get $25 for each sign up
Get paid on the recharges for the lifetime of the customers

No Cost - for Joining Program & Starting Marketing

You can start acquiring customers the same day you sign up. Free to join and with many custom designed website templates, you will have access to a full-fledged marketing platform for you to build your customer base without any single investment on the technology and infrastructure.

Sign up Commissions - for customers acquired by your channels

It is performance based, so the more you bring customers, the higher commission ratio you will get. The whole commission table is given on the next page.

TEL3 will track and identify every signup that is coming via your channel either online or via call center and credit you the appropriate commission amount. This proven, simple and automatic system lets you fully concentrate on your acquisition efforts.

Recharge Commissions - for Lifetime of customers acquired by your channels

Best part of our program is the recharge commissions that the agent will be entitled throughout the lifetime of the customer. The more recharge you have in a single month, the higher percentage of the total recharge amount again you will get for the commission. Eligibility for recharge commission is based on the sales quotas established for sign ups.

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