TEL3 Agent Program
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Daily Sales Tracking

All of your agent and customer sign ups via our website are automatically tracked through your personal URL address which has your Promotion Code embedded in it.

Once you are in your online agent account manager, you will have the ability to choose from a diverse selection of banners, posters, and other promotional material depending on the segment you will be marketing to.

Full service online agent account manager

The account snapshot displays your account’s summary as soon as you log in to your online agent account manager.

Online Agent Account Manager

Once you log into your Online Agent Account Manager with your Promotion Code and Password you will have access to the following sales tools and reports:

  • A diverse selection of banners and text links to choose from
  • Access to printing company offering the lowest rates for offline promotional materials
  • Comprehensive reporting on all sales and commissions received
  • Online tips and offline tips on how to get started and promote the service online and offline

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