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How to call China from the United States or Canada

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China 0.8¢ 1.32¢ 1.8¢
China Mobile 0.9¢ 2.1¢
Monthly Fees None $1.95/mo None
All rates when calling China are based on US Dollars.
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How to Call China from the United States and Canada

  1. Dial US/CAN Exit Code (011)
  2. Dial the China Country and Area Code
  3. Dial Phone Number (6-8 numbers)

    011 + country code + area code + local number

Area Calling Code
+86 412
+86 10
+86 431
+86 28
+86 23
+86 411
+86 20
+86 571
+86 451
+86 561
+86 517
+86 432
+86 531
+86 25
+86 574
+86 532
+86 21
+86 24
+86 722
+86 538
+86 22
+86 536
+86 27
+86 510
+86 29
+86 710
+86 514
+86 535
+86 632
+86 533

Special Dates for China

1 January - New Year’s Day
13 February - Spring Festival Golden Week
14 February - Chinese New Year Day
15 February - Spring Festival Golden Week
5 March - International Women’s Day
1 April - Tree Planting Day
5 April - Qing Ming Jie
1 May - International Labor Day
4 May - Youth Day
16 June - Dragon Boat Festival
31 July - Chinese Communist Party’s Birthday
1 August - Army’s Day
1 September - Teacher’s Day
22 September - Mid-Autumn Festival
1 October - National Day
2 October - National Day Golden Week
3 October - National Day Golden Week

Are there any additional charges when calling from US

Calls made from these states or U.S. territories have additional per minute access charges:

From Origination Charge
Alaska 16.5¢
British Virgin Islands
US Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico
Mariana Islands 9.35¢

Additional charges apply only from toll-free origination.

Under certain conditions, based on how you use the service, these charges could also occur:

69¢ per call (if payphone)

Domestic airtime fee by your wireless service provider unless calls are made during any free nights and/or weekends that your service provider may offer.