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We will connect your calls via our TEL3 platform when you either dial an access number or use our TEL3 Apps from one of your registered phones.

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Free #'s

1-800-999-5090 (US & CAN)
1-877-953-3001 (US & CAN)
1-877-953-3003 (US & CAN)

Note: There is a 1¢ add on fee when using toll free access numbers.

Access #'s

More than 4000 numbers available in our database for over 20 countries. Search for your own above!

Note: There are NO ADD ON FEES when using a local access number

Cell Phone Users

No access numbers required if you use TEL3 Apps with your cell phone for direct calling.
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Note: There are NO ADD ON FEES when using TEL3 Apps

Important Note: We suggest that our customers confirm with their phone carriers the rates that they will be charged for using TEL3 access numbers. If using a mobile phone please check with your carrier regarding "roaming" charges. No refunds and/or credits will be issued related to charges by your local carrier.
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