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Save even more with SMSavings Club

With our TEL3 SMSavings Club, you will get exclusive recharge offers to your cell phone. It is easy to opt in and out from your online back-office. Furthermore you can get your latest balance information and change your recharge mode via SMS as well.

To receive your latest balance information simply write "bal" and text message to the TEL3 SMS number. We’ll send a reply text message to you with your balance information. To turn on or off your account’s auto recharge status simply write "auto off" or "auto on" and text message to the TEL3 SMS number. Make sure that you receive a Confirmation SMS Message from us; if there is no message then it means the request has not been received or not processed.

Refer a Friend and get $10

Get points on each referral that signs up! - Just one referral gives you $10 of free talk time and your friends will also get $5 of extra minutes. There is no limit on how much you can earn. You can invite friends by E-mail, social networks or just by word of mouth.

Earn free minutes with Rewards Program

If you talk more than $10 a month, you will earn points for every minute you use your TEL3 account. The more you talk the more points you will get. Redeem your points with free minutes anytime.

You will earn and save up to 5% of your spending depending on your monthly usage.

Learn more about the Reward Program.

Monitor your savings

Online account manager

The TEL3 Customer Account Management is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can check all your account details online. You will be able to view your credit card charges, balance, and run reports to see your call history. You also have the ability of add/edit credit card information, instant access numbers, speed dial numbers, sub accounts and change your settings for SMS notifications, recharge options. Basically you are in total control.

Furthermore, you can also refer your friends and receive extra bonus minutes when they sign up with us and/or download the Free Apps for your cell phone. Click here to view a sample screenshot.

New Mobile Version: Now you can access your TEL3 account faster with our new mobile version. Check your balance, add/edit speed dial numbers or even recharge your account on the go. Simply visit from your web enabled cell phone and log in.

Balance and Minutes Remaining

Every time you make a call with TEL3, our system will promptly tell you your account balance, and the minutes you have available for the destination you wish to call. We can take this feature on or off upon your request.

Clean, transparent and trusted

You will get the cleanest rates in the market, period! No gimmicks or any hidden fees. Check our rates page for details. All calls are billed in one minute increments. You’ll have real-time access to call and billing records. We're also proud to be a trusted company for over 12 years and to have an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating (BBB).